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Nebraska Arizona

Founding members Justin Cook and Brad Thies are native Nebraskans, raised in small farming/ranching communities, that naturally ingrained Midwest values and work ethic into their DNA.

After building a friendship while attending the University of Nebraska Law School, Justin and Brad embarked on successful separate legal paths while staying in contact. Justin remained in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he opened and managed a firm providing transactional and litigation services to a broad array of clients. Brad relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, where his career centered around a diverse civil litigation practice representing businesses and individuals in a variety of legal matters before opening his own firm.

During a consultation on a possible client referral, discussing their experience and desire to expand and improve their respective firms, Brad and Justin determined they were presented with the unique opportunity to unite their respective practices to offer expanded quality legal services to clients in Nebraska and Arizona. Together, Brad and Justin reunited to assist and counsel clients through the estate planning, administration and litigation processes to ensure clients are protected and can provide a legacy for generations to come.

As a result, Thies & Cook was founded with the mission of bringing Midwest values and work ethic to clients in Arizona, while expanding the legal services and options available to Nebraskans. With their distinctive legal experience, Brad and Justin were compelled to focus the mission of Thies & Cook on protecting individuals, families, and vulnerable adults by fulfilling the estate planning, probate administration, probate litigation, trust administration, trust litigation needs of clients. Thies & Cook takes a “clients first” approach to providing each client with a personally tailored analysis of their situation before taking the steps necessary to provide resolutions to their unique estate planning, probate and trust needs.

Thies & Cook would be honored to represent you and our core values, mission, and desire to make this world a better place through counsel and advocacy are our guiding principles in doing so. Please contact us if you need assistance and receive the benefit of our free 30-minute consultation.

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