Family Law/Adoption

Dissolution/Legal Separation

At Thies & Cook we know deciding whether to divorce or separate is a very difficult decision. There are so many questions to be answered. How will this affect my life with my kids? Will my income change if we are both retired? Can I move? How long will a divorce take? How much will it cost? Thies & Cook is here to help answer your questions and take the lead as your advocate when navigating you through the legal process. From the consultation to the finalization of your divorce or separation, our attorneys will get you the best possible outcome and help you get on your way to your next phase of life.

What sets Thies & Cook apart is that after a dissolution or legal separation, we will continue to be available to you for any issues that may arise after the divorce or separation is finalized.

You are not alone. Thies & Cook is here for you. Contact our office for a confidential consultation to discuss your options.

Paternity/Child Custody/Visitation

At Thies & Cook we recognize that the impact of divorce and separation on children is your biggest concern. Each situation regarding child custody and visitation is unique and requires experience and expertise to get the very best results for your family. With that expertise, our attorneys will meet with you to formulate a best situation outcome and then advocate for you and your family’s best interest in court.

Thies & Cook assists parents in a variety of actions pertaining to child custody such as filing Paternity actions, Child support actions, and modifications. Our attorneys will draft parenting plans, prepare for mediation and negotiate settlements. In addition, Thies & Cook will handle all aspects of the effects of parental relocation and UCCJEA disputes. Through each step of the process our attorneys offer compassionate advocacy and guidance. Contact our office for a confidential consultation to discuss your options.

Adoptions/Stepparent Adoptions

At Thies and Cook, we know that an adoption is a celebration of blending loving families. At times, this process can potentially be very complex, but with our experience, we can represent you, take on that challenge and allow your family to enjoy the final outcome. To be eligible for a stepparent adoption a few statutory requirements must be met, such as, a marriage between the adopting parent and the legal parent, a relinquishment or termination or the other legal parent’s rights to the minor child, consent by the other legal parent to the adoption of the minor child, etc. After the adoption is finalized, the adopting parent will have the same legal rights as the other legal parent and will be able to fulfill all of the responsibilities of being a legal parent to the child or children. If you feel a stepparent adoption is right for your family, contact our office for a confidential consultation.

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